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              Conservative Young Women Offer Wisdom in the Face of Adversity (VIDEO)

              Katie Yoder, Neetu Chandak and Mia Steupert have all experienced discrimination on campus and online due to their political views.

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              Illegal Immigrants and Crime: What Do the Numbers Really Say?

              The media sneeringly describes President Trump as "doubling down" on his claim that crime will fall if we secure our borders.

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              America--Home of the Brave...Except When Parenting

              Is America still the home of the brave? When it comes to parenting culture, the answer is no.

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              On Hold:The SOTU

              In his statement, President Trump actually showed more respect for the "history, tradition, and importance" of the House Chamber than did the Speaker.

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              Is the Partial Government Shutdown an Argument for Privatizing Airport Passenger Screening?

              A writer for Reason says this is something to ponder next time you are standing in line at the airport for 45 minutes.

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              Two Truths and a Lie: School Choice

              Can you identify which of the following is NOT true about SCHOOL CHOICE?...

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              My friends Louis--A Pink Hat Marcher

              On Saturday, the Independent Women’s anization hosted the March for ALL Women—an alternative to the Women’s March...

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              All Parents — and Children — Deserve School Choice

              Via Inside Sources

              by Ashley MacLeay

              As a mother-to-be, such questions are starting to pop into my head. I want the best for my son and know I’ll want him to be in an environment suited for his learning style...

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              If the Future Is Female, the GOP Needs Women Candidates

              Via Real Clear Politics

              by Sabrina Schaeffer

              We’re less than a month into the New Year, and four Democratic women have stepped into the 2020 presidential election...

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              Celebrate School Choice Week with bold thinking

              Via Daily Mail West Virginia

              by Vicki E. Alger

              Just in time for National School Choice Week, a new national poll finds that more than two-thirds of Americans favor school choice. Hopefully, West Virginia lawmakers are listening...

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              School choice — we should support more educational opportunities for all students

              Via The Hill

              by Vicki E. Alger

              Just in time for National School Choice Week, a new national poll finds that support for school choice has increased to more to two-thirds of Americans. Hopefully, lawmakers are listening...

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              Kentucky should observe National School Choice Week with bold thinking

              Via Bluegrass Institute

              by Vicki E. Alger

              Just in time for National School Choice Week, a new national poll finds that more than two-thirds of Americans favor school choice and bold reforms. Hopefully, Kentucky lawmakers are listening...

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              Impact of the Government Shutdown on Economy Only Seen for Federal Workers ? Coast to Coast

              Republicans Negotiate in Good Faith While Dems Play Politics ? Making Money with Charles Payne

              Trump Should Present His SOTU to the American People ? The Daily Briefing


              Hadley Heath Manning From Independent Women's Forum On The Women's March ? Americhicks ? Listen >>>

              Sara Carter Witnesses Immigrants Crossing the Border Illegally ? The John Gibson Show ? Listen >>>

              Commentary Big News on the Russia Investigation from Sara Carter? The John Gibson Show ? Listen >>>


              I’m A Conservative Woman Who Supports Trump And I Attended The Women’s March. Here’s What Happened.

              Via Future Female Leaders

              by Carrie L. Lukas

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              Meet the Women Who Protested the Women’s March

              Via National Review

              by Patrice Lee Onwuka

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              National Women's March struggles to overcome a year of controversy

              Via Chicago Tribune

              by Carrie L. Lukas

              For thousands of women across the country, the first Women's March on Washington was transformational...

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